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Connecting the Bellingham community through inclusive & memorable artistic experiences.

Hours of Operation

Weekdays & Weekends: 8PM-12:30

Event Rentals & Appointments: TBD - Event Specific. Determine through booking inquiry


Live Entertainment

Buy Tickets
on Site or Pre-order

Rental Services Offered

Inclusivity is our top priority! We welcome anyone and everyone to experience the joy of creative expression, live entertainment, and community collaboration.

We host events ranging  from concerts, art galleries, comedy nights, dance events, you name it!

You can purchase tickets in person, or through our presale page! Visit Tickets & Events for more info.

We don't wanna steal the spotlight! Let's bring your vision to life and provide you the perfect space to host your dream event! Or, if you're simply looking for a new spot to shoot a video, rehearse your band, or even host a study session, we got you covered!

Now Serving
Local Beer, Wine, Seltzer & Cider

We now serve a wide variety of locally sourced, non-hard alcoholic beverages! From Aslan Brewing, Twin Sisters, Kulshan Brewing, Lost Giants Cider & more

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