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About Us

Creators, Communities, and Collaborators

The Blue Room is an all-ages music & arts venue located above KPop Chicken and Beer at the heart of Downtown Bellingham. We offer a space that enables artists & creative entrepreneurs to display their craft, forge valuable connections, and create long-lasting relationships with their communities. We host immersive events ranging from live music, comedy nights, open mics, art galleries, fashion shows, you name it! 


The artists and musicians of Bellingham deserve another space to share their work. Anyone, no matter their age, background, income, social status, sexuality, or skin color, should have full access to what Bellingham’s artistic community has to offer. Whether you’re a performer, artist, concert-goer or art lover, inclusion is our top priority. The Blue Room is a safe space for anyone to groove, laugh, collaborate, and make long-lasting memories. 

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Our Story

As a group of Bellingham creatives, we founded HodWall Productions in the fall of 2021. After a history of hosting successful shows together, we decided to create a company that facilitates the growth of artistic projects by connecting the arts community and showcasing the work of local talents. Over the past two years, artists have been stripped of the opportunities once thought to be a given: live shows, in-person collaborations, recording sessions, art walks, the list goes on! Throughout the pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult to forge and maintain valuable, long-lasting connections between creators and their communities. HodWall Productions is here to revive and reconnect the arts community as society opens up again.


At first, we were hosting shows as a separate entity through other music venues. Now that we’ve established our own space, The Blue Room is owned and operated by our company HodWall Productions. 

Meet The Team

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Ben Hodson - Co-founder, Marketing & Finance Director
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Our marketing and promotions specialist, Ben graduated Western Washington University in the spring of 2021 with a degree in marketing and double minor in Music and Arts Enterprise Cultural Innovation. Having held previous job positions at the Bellingham Symphony and Jethro Mobile, Ben currently runs the social media pages for local agency IAJ Media & that of their existing clients. A lifelong musician, Ben has also been playing the trumpet since the age of eight. Outside of work, Ben enjoys weight lifting, hiking, and producing music.

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Martijn Wall - Co-founder & Talent Buyer
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An oboe player turned rapper, Martijn is our social outreach and talent buyer who previously ran a radio show called “The Devil in the Details” on KZAX 94.9 FM. A classically trained musician, Martijn initially intended to become a professional oboe player but altered paths once the pandemic took hold. Realizing he has a huge knack for busting rhymes, the now Martii MC-Fly has spent the last year performing shows around town and releasing music through collaborations with other local artists. Outside of work, Martijn enjoys reading & writing, playing poker, and watching football.

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Nick Hastings - Co-founder & Audio Tech Lead
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Our sound engineer Nick is as good as it gets! A recent graduate of the audio engineering minor at Western’s Fairhaven program, Nick has worked on major sound crews for events such as Downtown Sounds, and is one of the lead tech engineers for Western’s music department. He also received a degree in tuba performance! In his free time, Nick enjoys ballin 'out on his motorcycle and spending time with his partner (now fiancé!).

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